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Terms and Conditions


We request all rental customers fully read and understand the terms and conditions of hire prior to commencing with their vehicle rental with DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE at London Heathrow Airport.


  1. Our minimum age requirement is 25 Years. We do offer an opportunity for young drivers aged between 22 and 24 years to hire but this will attract and additional daily surcharge of £35 GBP (Excludes Tax). We also require that any young driver will have held their license for a minimum of 2 years without any endorsements to be eligible to hire.
  2. The Young drivers surcharge is not included in the rental price. It is paid at the rental location on collection of your vehicle.


  1. We stipulate that the rental customer must have held a full and valid driving license for a minimum of 2 year with no major endorsements with the maximum no more than 6 points.
  2. For rental customers that hold a full UK driving license, it is a requirement for them to present the photo card and the paper counterpart.
  3. For international hire customers, it is important that your driving license is legible and is displayed with the Roman alphabet. In the case that your license is not using the Roman alphabet such as: Arabic, Greek, Russian or Chinese. You will need to apply and have in your possession an International Driving license along with your domestic license.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE offers the opportunity for its hire customers to add additional drivers prior to the commencement of hire. Any additional drivers can also be added once the hire has commenced. There is a charge for each additional driver at £9.00 GBP per driver per day.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE offers a range of insurance waiver packages giving rental customers the opportunity to reduce their liabilities. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE’S current excess is £1000 GBP for standard vehicles and £1500 for luxury, 4X4 and MPVs. Included within the rental charges is standard CDW with an excess of £1000 GBP, theft waiver and third party liability along with our standard airport fee charge.
    • Below are the various options available to reduce your excess:
    • Standard Excess Reduction: £8.88 GBP per day reducing your excess to £500 GBP
    • Standard Excess Reduction for Luxury, 4X4 and MPV: £10.88 GBP per day reducing your excess to £500 GBP
    • Standard Excess Reduction: £14.95 GBP per day reducing your excess to £250 GBP.
    • Standard Excess Reduction for Luxury, 4X4 and MPV: £18.98 GBP per day reducing your excess to £250 GBP
    • Glass and Tyre Waiver: £6.50 GBP per day
    • Glass and Tyre Waiver for Luxury, 4X4 and MPV: £9.50 GBP per day
  2. We would ask you to note that in the event that you do not opt to purchase Glass and Tyre waiver that you are responsible for any damage to or loss of tyres, windscreens and glass.
  3. Customers should be aware that insurance is provided to cover accidents, not general neglect or damage caused by negligent behaviour. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE reserve the right to apply a charge to a customer where it is deemed that the damage caused to the vehicle has resulted because of neglect and or negligent behaviour.


  1. Customers are asked to note that in the case they have purchased a third party excess reimbursement policy, that the customer will be required to cover via their credit card the full excess at the time of hire. In the case of an accident, where the excess becomes payable, this will be charged to the customer’s credit card and it is the responsibility of the customer to make a separate insurance claim against their third party insurance policy.


  1. In the case where a customer has been found guilty of driving under either the influence of alcohol (over the U.K legal Limit) and/or driving under the influence of drugs or illegal substances. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE considers the insurance to be null and void and as such any costs relating to the recovery and reinstatement of the vehicle in the custody of the hire will be deemed due and payable by the hirer.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE do not permit or authorise the towing of any trailers, caravans or any other vehicle utilising a DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE, car or van.


  1. You will be required to present a valid credit card in the main drivers name (noting debit cards are not accepted for deposits) to cover any agreed excess. In the event that you have purchased one of DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE ‘s excess reduction packages, you will still be required to provide your credit card details to allow World Rent a Car to take a pre-authorisation to cover any motoring offences or traffic violations that occur during the period of hire.
  2. In the event that you arrive to pick up your hire vehicle and you are unable to provide a valid credit card in the main drivers name that does not have sufficient credit limit to cover the selected excess and any agreed further charges, the hire will be deemed as cancelled but all hire charges (prepaid or due on the day) will be deemed as due.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE offers a full range of optional extras to make your hire experience more comfortable and enjoyable. A brief selection of our optional extras and safety equipment along with charges are detailed below:
    • Child Booster Seat: £5.00 GBP per Day Maximum £35.00 GBP
    • Child Toddler Seat: £7.60 GBP per Day Maximum £45.00 GBP
    • GPS – Satellite Navigational System: £8.50 GBP per Day Maximum £80 GBP
    • Wifi Dongles: £8 GBP per Day Maximum £80 GBP
    • Bluetooth handsfree £3.50 per Day maximum £20.00 GBP
  2. We would ask our customers to note that we advise for you to prebook any optional extras/safety equipment prior to you booking to guarantee availability. All optional extras can be paid for (subject to availability) at the local rental location.


  1. Your hire with DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE will include full breakdown/roadside assistance. In the event of a breakdown or issue, the contact number for the relevant breakdown service is inside your car (typically tax disc holder) and will be included within your rental documentation. In the case that you are unable to make contact with the nominated breakdown assistance company, please contact the DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE location that issued your rental vehicle.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE operates a fair like for like policy, this means that you are required to bring your vehicle back with the same level of fuel as at the start of your hire. Please note that if the vehicle is returned with a high level of fuel as at the commencement of the hire, no refunds can be made. In the event that the vehicle is returned with less full then as at then commencement of the hire, a fuelling charge will apply of £2.00 GBP per litre.
  2. We do request where possible that customers return the vehicles with the fuel set in line with the levels of the commencement of the hire.


  1. Prior to you rental commencing you will be advised on the fuel type of your vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is miss fuelled – the customer filling the vehicle up with the wrong fuel type, any charges relating to rectification of the vehicle and the recovery of vehicle will be applied to the customer. Customers are asked to note that mis-fuelling of a vehicle is not covered under insurance policies.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE offers its customers unlimited mileage. Our packages are based on fair and reasonable use.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE permit cross border travel to the following countries: Andorra *, Austria *, Belgium *, Denmark *, Finland *, France *, Germany *, Gibraltar *, Iceland *, Ireland *, Italy *, Liechtenstein *, Luxembourg *, Netherlands *, Norway *, Portugal *, San Marino *, Spain *, Sweden *, Switzerland * and many other countries subject to approval from DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE.
  2. Permission for cross border channel must be requested prior to the commencement of hire. The provision of cross border travel will be charged at the daily rate + 50% and mileage restrictions may apply. There will also be additional charges for relevant insurances, break down and recovery packs and vehicle repatriation insurance.
  3. Customers should note that if vehicles are taken cross border without permission, DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE will reserve the right to charge the customer in full, any fees that are deemed due as a result of the unauthorised cross border channel and apply a fine of £1000 GBP.


  1. All hire charges and additional extras included tax/VAT at the rate of 20%.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE are pleased to accept the following credit and debit cards:
    • Visa
    • Visa Debit
    • Mastercard
    • Maestro
    • Please note we currently do not accept American Express, Diners Cub, Laser or Switch Card. We also are unable to accept pre-loaded credit cards.
  2. Once again we would ask customers to note that for the purpose of excess deposit and pre-authorisations covering motor offences and traffic violations that we can only accept valid credit cards in the name of the main driver. Debit cards can be used for general purchases including the cost of the hire and incidentals such as optional extras.


  1. In order to protect our vehicle fleet, provide cost effective insurance and protect our customers we are required to request several forms of identification and validate these forms of identification. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE requires at least two forms of valid photo identification. These are to include your photo driving license (along with counterpart where necessary), your passport and or your national identity card.
  2. For customers from the United Kingdom, we also require a further proof of address (matching your driving license) Acceptable proofs of address will include a utility bill such as gas, electric or telephone. Bank and or Credit Card statements are also accepted.
  3. Customers are asked to note that only valid documents will be accepted which will be view/assessed by DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE counter staff. No copies or scans will be accepted.
  4. Customers are also asked to note that DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE undertake document validation checks, security checks and may refer to rental databases, blacklists checks and credit reference agencies.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE will endeavor to supply the vehicle of your choice noting that the vehicles displayed on our website may be replaced with similar models from other motor manufacturers. In the event that we are unable to supply the vehicle of your choice we will endeavor to provide you with an alternative vehicle that meets your requirements. Please note that we are not in a position to guarantee a particular make/model or colour of any vehicle unless otherwise stipulated.


  1. If you have made your booking via a car rental broker site, price comparison site or travel agency, they will have provided you with a rental voucher detailing your reservation. You will be required to bring a printed version of this voucher with you and present it prior to the commencement of the hire. For online customers that have booked through discountminibus.com, you will also receive a booking voucher – please bring this with you at the time of hire. Customers are asked to note that in the event that any details provided to a third party organisation to obtain a booking with DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE prove to be incorrect, DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE reserve the right not to honour the booking and that no refunds will be due.


  1. DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE offers a full non-smoking fleet of vehicles. Under British law it is prohibited for any customers to smoke in a hire vehicle. In the case that it is believed that a vehicle has been smoked in during the hire period either by the driver and or passengers, a defumication charge will be levied at £100 GBP – Please do not smoke in our vehicles.


  1. All DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE vehicles are provided in a clean and pre-checked condition. In the case that a vehicle is returned in a less than satisfactory condition and requires a full valet, a valeting charge will be made of £45 GBP.


  1. For cancellations up to 72 hours prior to the commencement of the hire, a 50% refund will be issued for reservations made directly with DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE (directly at location or online through discountminibus.com
  2. In the case the cancellation is received in less than 72 hours, the full rental amount will be charged.
  3. In the case when no notification of cancellation is received, the full cost of the hire will become due and payable.
  4. Customers are asked to note that all cancellations will only be accepted if received in writing and acknowledged. In the event that you require to cancel your booking, please email reservations@discountminibus.com.


  1. In the case that a refund is deemed due, refunds will be processed within 5 working day (if not sooner). There will be no refunds for customers that do not collect their vehicle (no shows), along with customers that fail to present valid documentation or have a valid credit card in the name of the main driver with adequate credit limit at the time of the hire commencing.


  1. At DISCOUNT MINIBUS HIRE, we endeavor to provide the very best in customer care and service. In the case where you have a complaint, we commit to deal with this quickly and effectively ensuring minimum impact. Complaints can be made to our customer service Centre by email to reservations@discountminibus.comor in person at the hire location that issued your vehicle.


  1. By Post or In Person: Discount Minibus Hire, Unit 33, Euro Storage, 400 Edgware Road, London, NW2 6ND
  2. By Phone: +44 (0) 203 393 0539
  3. By Email: reservations@discountminibus.com

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